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Myroslav Skoryk
Allegretto and Dance for violin and piano

Allegretto and Dance for violin and piano. A violin and piano arrangement of two excerpts from the composer's signature orchestral work "Hutsul Triptych".
Duration: 9 min.
$24.95 (score and part). 

Myroslav Skoryk
Aria for violin and piano

Aria for violin and piano. The composer's own violin and piano arrangement of the fourth movement of his Partita No.5 (in modo retro) for piano solo.
Duration: 4 min.
$7.95 (score and part). 

Myroslav Skoryk
Rizdvo: Fantasia on Ukrainian Christmas Carols
for string orchestra

Rizdvo for string orchestra. An exuberant fantasia on favorite Ukrainian Christmas carols. A worthy selection for holiday concerts.
Duration: 6 min.
$69.95 (score and complete set of parts). No rental required.

Volodymyr Vynnytsky
Short Stories for piano solo

Short Stories for piano solo. Seven short, evocative pieces, defying generic classification, melodically and harmonically enticing, depicting a plethora of images and moods. Selections include: “Donuts at Dawn”, “Carefree Song”, “Clownada”, “Happy Birthday Mr. Chopin”, “Tango for Douglas”, “Loss” and “A Game”.
Duration: 20 min.

Volodymyr Vynnytsky
Loss for cello and piano

Loss for cello and piano. A highly personal portrayal of a tragic loss, contrasting rhapsodic melodic statements in the cello with a rhythmic and plaintive piano underpinning.
Duration: 3 min.
$9.95 (score and part)

Scott Aaron Miller
Piano Quartet
for violin, viola, cello and piano

Piano Quartet. For violin, viola, cello and piano. This work is filled with dramatic turns and heartfelt outcries, intensely reflecting the thought of the end of a cherished relationship. From the life of the composer.
Duration: 7'30"
$29.95 (score and parts)

Scott Aaron Miller
Romance for violin and piano

Romance for violin and piano. A lyric piece showcasing the violin's singing and expressive tone. It is intimate in tone, but also possesses an introspective kind of drama.
Duration: 5'30"
$9.95 (score and part)

Scott Aaron Miller
Three Vignettes for string quartet

Three Vignettes for string quartet. The Vignettes were conceived as a fun set of character pieces that are neither too long, too easy, nor dauntingly difficult. The movements describe different archetypes familiar to all players and listeners, with moods ranging from pensive to manic.  
Duration: 6 min.
$29.95 (score and parts)

Oleksander Kuzyszyn
Six Ukrainian Christmas Carols for brass quintet

Six Ukrainian Christmas Carols for brass quintet. Innovative arrangements of six of the most popular Ukrainian Christmas carols, employing harmonic and rhythmic surprises, occasional excursions and flourishes, concluding with a “swing” interpretation of a classic favorite. The six selections can be performed individually, or as an 18 minute suite with contrasting movements. Plenty to play for each of the five instrumentalists. For intermediate to advanced ensembles. Duration: 18 min.
$49.95 (score and parts)